Gun Safes for Sale – How to Choose One That Suits Your Needs

If you are a gun owner in the U.K., a secure gun cabinet or safe is required to keep all of your firearms protected and away from reach of anyone who does not have a license to use them. When you are looking at gun safes for sale, there are a number of characteristics to look for to ensure that you and anyone in your home are safe from easy access to the guns. It is important to assess your requirements for storage and protection to find the features that best suit.

Size of the Gun Safe

When reviewing gun safes for sale, size is definitely one of the primary traits to consider. There are safes that are small, good enough for hand guns and other small firearms, which can fit in a dresser drawer, under the bed or even the top of a closet shelf. Larger safe options, as large as a walk-in closet, can also be purchased.

To pick the right size safe, take into account the number of guns you have as well as how many you plan to add to your collection. In addition, where do you plan to store the safe? An optimal place is out of sight of regular visitors, perhaps an unused closet or a study, library or garage space. Another factor to mull over is the size of your guns. Do you have rifles or handguns? Do the rifles have scopes you must accommodate when storing them? A gun safe that is large enough that a thief cannot easily carry it out is the best choice.

Quality Constructed Safes

Reviewing gun safes for sale, you must examine the overall construction of them to ensure that children or even a motivated thief cannot easily penetrate its defenses. Look for doors that offer solid steel that are pry-resistant and recessed. In addition, tough steel plates to deter drilling attacks are important as well. The locks should offer an electronic locking device, preferably one with a steel bolt and reinforced casings.

The hinges should be strengthened by a full-length anti-flange to deter efforts to remove the door. Additional hinges for switching the direction of the door opening is important as are additional shelves should they be needed. For ultimate protection, you can also look for gun safes for sale that also offer fire protection and even water resistance.

Gun Safes – Pricing

You can purchase a decent gun safe with good, quality construction for an affordable price. Smaller safes obviously will be cheaper because they can only hold a few firearms. The larger safes will cost more but they will be able to hold more guns, with some models perfect for tall rifles. Typically, the larger and heavier the safe, the better security it provides in terms of gun safety and access.

Remember, as a gun owner, it is your responsibility to follow gun safety and laws in terms of storage. Take into account the number of guns you have, what you plan to purchase in the future and even the size of the guns. Along with a set budget, these characteristics will help you narrow down your choices of gun safes for sale to a manageable few.

Save Money Hunting or Sport Shooting – Buy Discount Shooting Accessories

ShootUK have become experts in the range and selection of discount shooting accessories. UK residents appreciate that they have built their reputation over years of supplying what people want and at the right prices.

You don’t always make savings by buying unknown brands and hope the goods last you for years. By buying known top quality brands, you will know that you will be buying items that will last for years because they are built for the job.

The right UK discount shooting accessories company will provide you with a wide range of products and ongoing discounts. Some items you may want could include:

  • Cartridge belts and holders
  • Leather belts
  • Butt extenders
  • Slip-on pouches
  • Knives
  • Gun cleaning mats
  • Gun socks
  • Shooting mats

Having the top brands available at the best price is helpful, especially when buying online. This saves the costs associated to maintain physical stores. The discount savings can be passed on to you, the buyer. Don’t hesitate to shop online for discount shooting accessories.

Do you need to update your weather protection clothing?

When shopping for ammo and other supplies, don’t forget to look at your clothing and other gear. Shoot UK has a vast collection of clothing for your sport, including jackets and vests for weather protection.

Apart from obvious choices, like which jacket works best for you, you need to consider fleeces and jumpers, trousers and gloves. Hats and face nets are regular purchases, along with everything that protects you from wet and muddy terrains, difficult trekking and varying targets.

If you are looking for discounted shooting accessories, UK residents trust Shoot UK and we hope you’ll give us an opportunity to show you why we have a great industry reputation.

Discount shooting accessories UK – Common items you’ll find at reduced cost

If you are an avid shooter, be it as a hobby or as a career, you would know how expensive shooting equipment and accessories are. While the major items like the guns can be a one-time investment, the other items such as cartridges and bullets need to be bought again and again. In a country like the UK, the need for shooting accessories is high as shooting is a favourite pastime for all here. Unless you can afford to buy them often, pursuing shooting as a hobby is not very easy. This is why if you could get a discount on shooting accessories, it is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

Discount in shooting accessories in the UK is not news as various companies keep introducing new promotional offers and discounts as a part of their marketing campaign. Through internet and newspaper you could get the latest news about discount offers in shooting accessories. However, the items related to shooting that you could purchase on discount are mostly the accessories for major shooting firearms. Some of the popular brands that sell shooting accessories are Topgun, Deerhunter, Laksen, Blaser and a lot more.

Today most of the items related to shooting are available at reduced and affordable cost. Here are a few shooting accessories that you could purchase on discount:

Cartridges and cartridge holders

Cartridges for firearms like shotguns are items you’ll need often if you are in the habit of going for shooting frequently. While the normal price for a cartridge pack could be quite high, purchasing them on discounts could reduce the amount considerably and you could get larger numbers of cartridges that you could stock for a long time. Similarly, the accessories that will aid in storing the cartridges while out on a shooting venture such as cartridge holders and beltsare also available at reduced costs.

Hunting tools

When you are out for shooting and mainly for hunting purposes, guns are not the only weapons you’ll need. Knives, shears, blades etc. are also common tools that hunters carry with them. These tools help them in setting the tents for camping, preparing food, etc. in the woods. Since these items can become damaged or become old due to continuous use hunters are often in need to buy them again and again. If you can find and purchase them on discount, it can let you save considerable amount of money in the long run.

Flashlights and torches

Flashlights and torches are an inevitable part of a shooting venture especially if you are going out into the woods in a country like the UK. Today there are various kinds of light sources like flashlights, headlamps, torches, pocket torches, filters, etc. These items tend to get damaged faster if they are exposed to water or dirt. Even if you accidentally hit them against a tree they become useless very soon. While purchasing them repeatedly, if you can avail some discounts or bonus points, that could help you save money.

Gun accessories

Experienced shooters would know that a gun, no matter what type it is, would have several accessories that help in storing as well as using it. Gun cleaning mats, barrel end rests, butt extenders, gun socks, shooting mats, etc. are examples of such items. If you can find good discounts on these shooting accessories, again it will help you avoid waste of money unnecessarily.

It is quite easy to find discounts for shooting accessories in the UK today. Due to the heavy demand, many companies introduce promotional offers on these items, especially during the peak shooting seasons. As a result you could find combo offers or 50% discount on selected items in various stores. In fact, online stores are where you would find more such offers compared to the offline stores. A random search online can sometimes help you in purchasing a whole kit of shooting accessories without emptying your wallet.

How to Choose the Best Leather Cartridge Belt


Guardian Heritage Canvas Cartridge Belt

There are two main reasons people choose to purchase leather cartridge belts; for convenience and safety. You will find that there are many different types and sizes of belts available, but it is always the leather belts that feel the best, last the longest and are extremely durable over the long term.

Convenience or Safety?

Safety has to be the most important concern where any shooting is likely to take place and it is for this reason that it makes good sense to keep your cartridges safely located close to you, where they can remain dry and easily accessible during the day’s shoot.

This coincides with the aspects of convenience because it is always better to be able to simply pick up your next cartridge without much inconvenience to the shooter, which also means they spend less time worrying about where they are located, especially if the opportunity exists to take a quick shot.

Keeping cartridges in a good quality leather belt helps keep them in very good condition. For people who have seen the brass around their cartridges turnings slightly green, you should not just assume that this is due to oil in the leather. The green is a form of corrosion which can be formed from the acids used in tanning your leather and you shouldn’t use the cartridges because you will not know whether the brass cartridge has been weakened and they may fail upon impact.

Double or Single Cartridge Belt?

When you are going out on a day’s shoot you will want to keep sufficient cartridges close to hand so that you are not constantly needing to refer back to you cartridge supply. However, with this you need to find the balance to purchase leather cartridge belts that are comfortable to wear. If you try and carry too many cartridges in a belt around your body, you may become uncomfortable and this will inevitably lead to a poor day’s shooting.

When you are choosing leather cartridge belts the double belt option has become extremely popular. In particular, the buckle is specifically attached so that any of the belt that has passed the buckle is tucked well inside the rest of the belt. This provides you with the convenience that it won’t be left to push against the inside of your coat or jacket. When written down this may sound convoluted, but it really is extremely simple and fits very neatly.

Where you are choosing a 50 cartridge belt, they will be arranged in two layers of 25 with one on top of the other, but you will have access to both layers because one is slightly higher than the other.

Should you be choosing a single cartridge belt, they are usually manufactured to leave around an inch of the cartridge exposed for easy access at the top. You can find them available for all possible calibres.

Where you look at double or single leather cartridge belts, it is sensible to choose a model that feels comfortable for you and provides you with sufficient safety and especially to keep your cartridges protected from the elements of the weather while they are not being used. Although it may be beneficial to carry a double cartridge belt, for smaller people, the extra weight of the cartridges and the belt may become a hindrance to the enjoyment of your day, so it is better to choose wisely and the model that is suitable for you.


What to Look for while Selecting the Best Shooting Jacket?

Summary :- To sum things up, a shooting jacket has to be comfortable to wear in interior without being heavy and stuffy.  A well-shaped, fitting breathable jacket provides ample comfort and Shoot UK has been offering high quality, branded shooting accessories for many generations now; keeping in view the changing demands of their customers. 

If you are embarking on your next hunting expedition chances are that you have already made up your mind for a new hunting jacket or looking to replace that faded old jacket. Of course hunting is not just about the hunter and his prey, there is more to it, and a shooting jacket has always been part of the hunter story. So, take a break and peek at some important points that you should remember while selecting your shooting clothing.

Few important points

A perfect shooting cloth is one that is comfortable and protective at the same time. There is no dearth of top brands that have created their niche in creating top quality shooting clothing offering a variety of comfort options to make your shooting experience more relaxed. So, you can select the clothing that is closest to your requirements. There are some crucial factors to be kept in mind before setting for the expedition detailed here:

* Color of clothing – Choose your shooting jacket wisely as it plays important role in order to be well camouflaged. Usually shooting clothes are offered in green and brown color that goes well with natural habitat providing a perfect camouflaging while you have set your target.

* Season you chose for hunting – Your shooting Jacket must be capable of protecting you against the harsh climate. A good quality jacket provides proofing against rain, winter wind and dust. Also, if you are planning for the expedition in a summer season, the last thing you want is to get sweaty all over the body wearing heavy and extra warm jacket. For summers, select lightweight and breathable shooting jackets. For winters, or those foggy days, you should go for a thicker jacket with extra layers to keep your trunk warmer.

* Flexibility– It is advisable for a flexible design that facilitates free movement of arms and shoulders while you move around the tough terrains and dense forests. Also what distinguishes a shooting jacket from the normal jacket is the design. Shooting jackets are made with a cut in the shoulder area, allowing free movement of shoulders while targeting the prey, which is actually not required in a normal jacket.

The Modern Market trend

In the current scenario, shooting clothing has undergone a big transformation. There are stunning varieties in jackets, which are not just practical but also trendy. Fashion has touched the once rugged and monotonous shooting clothes. Now there are impressive varieties in different colors and designs to select. There are Half sleeved jackets, Camo Jackets, tweed jackets; all produced by various brands to cater to varied requirements of the hunters across the globe.

Some of the most famous and in regular demand jackets like Hsf Green Fleece and Hsf Stealth Jacket are protective yet comfortable to wear. Hsf Green Fleece is a dream for every serious hunter. Comfortable, breathable, water proof and protective with an additional mid layer; this is best shooting clothing for every hunter.

There is no dearth of top online brands that offer good quality genuine shooting clothing with very practical designs that can be used throughout the season. And Shoot UK is the premier online supplier of high quality branded outdoor and shooting goods at affordable prices. Shoot UK has some of the finest quality shooting jackets from brands like HSF, Deerhunter, Seeland, Musto and many more. You can find all sorts of shooting clothing and accessories that would ensure your protection without hindering any adventurous moment while you are moving ahead the rugged terrains. You are sure to stumble upon a new variety of innovative and impressive shooting jacket every time you shop with Shoot UK.


Clay Shooting

Summary :- Clay shooting is an outdoor pursuit which requires not only optimal concentration but right apparels and accessories. Choose the right Clay shooting clothing like the Camo Fleece Jackets and Shooting Fleece Jackets and Clay shooting vest for wear according to the occasion.

The Terminology ‘Clay pigeon shooting’ is commonly used by clay shooters which often relates to a hobby. Clay shooting is the art of shooting a firearm at special flying targets which are commonly known as clay pigeons or clay targets. Although the live-pigeon competition was made illegal in the UK in 1921, a target may still be called a ‘bird’, a hit may be referred to as a ‘kill’ and a missed target as a ‘bird away’.

In the Clay Shooting, wearing the right shooting apparels or clothing is mandatory just as concentration and careful awareness are necessary. The costumes worn by the traditional pigeon shooters have undergone significant changes though retaining the functionalities it offers. Since it is an outdoor pursuit, it is primary that you own practical accessories to form a complete protection from weather conditions, so that you can hone your skills and go on enjoying your sport undisturbed.

Types of Clay Shooting Clothing

Though clay shooting does not require you to venture into woods or forest, wearing corresponding attire can help you get comfortable for the best shooting experience. There are different types of shooting clothing available online or in the market, depending on the needs of a person or his or her shooting experience.  The most common shooting apparels or accessories are shooting jackets for colder seasons, shooting vests for warmer seasons, shooting trousers for all kind of weather, ear and eye protection, gloves and shooting sticks.

Shooting Jackets are mainly for colder seasons which will keep you warm and provide you a lot of space in pockets to carry items adding free arm mobility to hold the gun. Shooting shirts and coats are also worn as it provides spacious pockets to carry your items like cartridges, etc., at the time of shooting.

  Clay Shooting Clothing Clay Shooting Clothing

Shooting Vest- the most common shooting clothing

The shooting comfort is ensured by the shooting vest that you wear. The vests have padded patches at the shoulders which greatly aid shooting comfort by providing extra layers between the gun butt and your body. These non-slip patches facilitate the most comfortable gun mount by preventing the stock while slipping or during firing and in aiding accuracy. The best quality modern shooting vests have pockets inside each shoulder allowing the use of slip in recoil pads.

Clay Shooting vests are available for shooters who are both left handed and right handed. The shooting vests are not as warm as jackets, so it is perfect to wear at all times of the year. They have side vents and adjusters that provide ample breathability for the shooter. The vests also provide spacious pockets to carry various items comfortably in your pocket while shooting.

The shooting vests are available in different sizes to fit men, women and children of various statures. Most vests are made of a combination of lightweight fabrics such as mesh materials with calf skin suede for shoulder’s protection and cotton lining for the right appearance. The shooting vest is essential as it aids in gun fit, gun mount and accuracy.

Clay Shooting and the right accessories

Clay pigeon shooting is a sport about shooting inanimate clay objects that is now often used by companies or social groups to help with team building in a healthy outdoor environment. It is also the best way to learn shooting practice aiming at moving objects as long as you want. Whether you are a novice or a professional, you should always wear the right shooting apparels for comfort, concentration and confidence.

Making the Most of Your Hunting Tools

An experienced shooter will understand that a full range of hunting tools is a necessity to ensure a successful day’s shoot. Fortunately, can provide all of the hunting tools that you require with great online prices so they even where your budget is limited, you can still build up the essential requirements and gradually build your full supply over time.

Where you are an inexperienced shooter, you should ask advice from knowledgeable people on your shoot, about what you should purchase, because you may find that your day may be partially ruined if you do not have the right tools on hand to complete all of the tasks effectively.Outdoor Edge Knives

Shooting Essentials

Your first consideration is going to be for a variety of knives. You will be able to select the right types of knives when you know the type of shoot that you are going to attend. For different purposes you may need folding knives, fixed blades or gut hook knives. Having the wrong knife may make the tasks difficult or ineffective.

You will quickly understand that your gun must be regularly and efficiently cleaned. It is for this reason that a good quality gun cleaning mat in a waterproof canvass is an essential addition to your hunting tools for your collection. The best gun cleaning mats are provided with a padded fleece so that the table or surface is protected when you are cleaning your gun and will find they have inner pockets so you can store jags, brushes and cleaning rods to keep them safe.

Depending upon the timing of your day’s shoot, you may wish to consider lighting and accessories as part of your hunting tools, as without them; you may not have access to all of your equipment, easily, at the right time.

You can purchase hunting kits, game carriers and a wide range of hunting tools by using the online ordering facility, but don’t forget one essential requirement; a good quality hip flask to keep out the cold.

Why Buying the Best Decoys Works Best

Experienced shooters will know that decoying is an essential part of attracting birds to the correct location. Without decoys in place, it may become difficult to attract birds into the area that you have selected for the day’s shoot.

There have been many studies that have proved that birds are attracted to decoys and will breed in those areas. In particular, birds are extremely likely to land near decoys rather than empty controlled areas. Where decoys have been studied in detail, the results are always more successful where three-dimensional models were used rather than the simpler cut-outs or two-dimensional plastic models.Decoys

Which Birds to Choose?

You can choose from a wide variety of birds to act for your decoy. From crows and magpies, to green wing teals to lesser Canada geese decoys. Some will prefer mallard decoys, but you can also purchase pink footed geese, pintails, redheads, widgeons and wood pigeons.

The FUD decoys are extremely lifelike and three-dimensional to add realism so it is difficult to tell the real birds apart from the decoys from a distance.

The use of decoying with FUD models is not to provide decoration, but is entirely designed to be able to fool game in the field.

It is always better to buy a high-quality decoy because they work so much better. Some of the other decoys will sink, crack or fade and cannot be clearly used for decoying successfully.

Posture is Important

Some of the better decoys understand that the decoy birds need to be able to hold multiple postures which is why some are built to have moving heads, and tails that can be positioned to attract other birds.

The models that use a pedestal pivot, allow the bird’s body to show postures that relates directly to the actions of real birds and with head movements, they provide the most realistic imitation of feeding postures.

Shoot UK stocks a wide range of decoys at extremely good prices so that you can purchase sufficient models to help with a successful shoot. Where you need help or advice in this area, you only need ask.

Shooting Accessories – New Arrivals for your Shooting Needs

The sport of shooting has never been more stylish! Shoot UK offers the most affordable and latest in shooting accessories. New arrivals include the Guardian Heritage Collection. If you want a classic design for cartridge bags, motor cases, cartridge belts, rifle and shotgun slips, you are in the right place. There are also small and large matching travel bags in the Guardian Heritage Collection.

Facets of the Guardian Heritage Collection

This collection of shooting accessories, new arrivals at Shoot UK, is a timeless design that combines several elements. The primary element is a heavyweight laminated canvas fabric with waterproof properties. A contrasting quality leather is used for accent components as well as straps, buckles and handles. Brass finishing for some of the metal components are also included.

New Arrival Items

The cartridge bag included in the new arrivals of shooting accessories can hold up to 125 loose cartridges. The bag is lined in green felt and the sturdy buckle and strap would serve you for a long time. The cartridge belt has 25 closed loop cartridge holders and is created with flexible webbing of canvas and it comes in either a 25 or 20 gauge size.

Do you plan to travel with your shotguns along with a large supply of ammo? Shop at Shoot UK for the latest shooting accessories. New arrivals include a double motor case and even a loaders case. The motor case allows the barrel to be stored right above the stock and even allows for the stowing of a maintenance kit. A digital lock keeps your shotgun secured within. If you want to store up to 200 cartridges, the loaders case is among the shooting accessories’ new arrivals.

To truly travel in style with your shotguns, the Heritage travel bag comes in both large and small sizes. You can not only fit some clothing items in the bags but there is room to hold your shotgun broken down in a tailor-made pouch. Whether you shoot for fun or for sport, look to Shoot UK for the latest in shooting accessories – new arrivals.

Shooting Glasses Available for Optimal Sight Protection

Eye protection is very important whether you are shooting clay or some other target. At Shoot UK, there are a variety of shooting glasses available. With different dangers to the eyes in the world of shooting, it pays to be protective. You are exposed to ricochets and fast-moving projectiles derived from target pieces like clay. Besides protection, shooting glasses also boost your chances of hitting your target by using different coloured lenses.

Protection is Primary

At Shoot UK, the protection of shooters is of primary concern. With shooting glasses, you can protect your eyes easily. The lenses are a lightweight polycarbonate material which provides excellent scratch resistance and durability. The thickness of the lenses directly correlates into the level of protection that these shooting glasses offers. At 2.0mm, the glasses are thick enough to put up a good defence for your eyes.

Honing in on Targets

Having interchangeable lenses of different colours can greatly enhance your target detection abilities. Many of the shooting glasses at Shoot UK have five different colours which can enhance the contrast in a variety of shooting conditions. Experiment with the different colours to determine the best one for your abilities.

Comfort Factor

The shooting glasses at Shoot UK are quite comfortable on a variety of face shapes. The nose grips are made of rubber and positioned wide to ease stress points. These comfort grips help prevent headaches and offers visual stability, particularly when tracking fast-moving targets. The temple fittings are made of an anti-allergenic rubber for a contoured fit.

Other Options

If you have prescription glasses, you do have the option of purchasing shooting glasses with a prescription insert. Shoot UK also provides a cleaning kit with a microfiber cloth and soft carrying case. And if you have dominant eye problems, you can order separately a clip-on occlude which will fit on any glasses.

Shoot UK has a plentiful selection of shooting glasses. Select a model that best suits your needs. Your eyesight is precious and needs protecting when indulging in sports shooting adventures.